VİP Time


Extra +1 Marching Army, be aware of your VIP Time

Gather Bonus

For all the Bonus to be used, place it to your inventory. EX: 15 Equals 15 Days

VİP Raffle Lucky Pack

To be able to use VIP Raffle Pack, You have to have VIP Points. (like shown on the picture)

 State = Recommendations

Farm Account should be on Level 4-5 Ressources Areas

Desert Oasis = Recommandations

Just like shown on the picture, The red line must be placed ontop. (must be Level 6) Transport Troops Camp must be built to get An extra 7+ Marching Army.

Auto Shield

Bot can only provide you a 3 Day Shield. 3 Day Shield must be in your bag.
Shield Time is less than 14 Hours, it will rneew itself.




Dont use the Farm accounts on your phone more than reccomended. When Login up the Account with the Bot, it will wait for an hour and continue after.